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Referral process for Rapid Access Clinic for the older person

Referrals are received from GP or Mater/Beaumont ED based on the following criteria:

  • Patients must be over 70 and in need of access to geriatric assessments for urgent but stable conditions such as: investigations of TIA’s, falls/reduced mobility, fainting /syncope/ dizziness, weight loss or new onset of cognitive decline.
  • What we do not see: patients already linked in with Geriatric services, injuries, patients who require urgent surgical intervention or hospital admission, patients in need of emergency services, assessment for long term care, Fair Deal scheme or respite.
  • A small number of referred patients may require hospital admission upon presentation however RAC medical staff will arrange this.

Admin upload referral onto system as they come in.

  • Each referral is stamped to record date received.
  • If the patient has not been here before a new chart will be created on Socrates.

Referrals are reviewed by the nurses to assess if they are suitable.

  • If patients are deemed unsuitable the nurse will contact the GP and advise them of same, noting this in the chart.
  • If possible, an alternative referral will be suggested or the letter will be forwarded on the most appropriate hospital/clinic.

Appointments are then made for a pre-assessment with the nurse.

  • Nurse will phone the patient, send appointment letter or ask admin to contact patient.

At this stage an appointment is made to see Dr, depending on which Consultants clinic is most relevant.

  • Most new appointments will be for the morning. Exceptions may be made but this will be up to the nursing staff     and dependent on availability.

Patient has their first appointment with the Doctor. At this stage the Doctor will decide what tests, if necessary, will be done and review will be scheduled.

  • Internal requests will be scheduled for any time between the first visit and follow up. Only X-rays or very urgent non contrast CT scans can be done same day however this will depend on diagnostic availability.

Follow up visits are determined by the Doctor

  • They will be based on how urgently a patient needs to be seen back and whether results will be back in time.
  • Generally a first follow up will be for approximately 3-4 weeks from the first visit and 6-10 weeks for subsequent follow ups.

Once diagnosis or plan of management has been decided

  • Doctors will discharge patients back to their GP with a relevant referral to a specialist service where necessary.

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